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Collettori solari l'acqua calda


Forced flow kits with self-draining system developed for an easy installation with high performance. Solar collector of high efficiency, accumulators of stainless steel AISI 316 with finishing for outdoors and resistant structures made of anodized aluminum for any type of roof.


The control system is integrated in the solar accumulator, which also includes a circulating pump. The kit also includes safety set, filling/emptying system with manual injection, expansion set and all accessories that are needed for a guaranteed connection.

Drain back kits

The drain-back kit includes the following components:

  • Solar collector TOP20 or TOP24 brand (1 unit or two depending on the accumulation liters).
  • Solar accumulator type TEC-150 DB of 150 liters, TEC-200 DB of 200 liters and TEC-300 DB of 300 liters with differential thermostat and integrated pump.
  • Forced kit support structure made of anodized aluminum for flat or sloping roof.
  • Bottle of anti-freezing liquid of 10 liters with 95% with anti-corrosion additives.
  • Complete installation set for connecting the forced system.