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Snajder Expedition Plus AGM 570 01

Snajder Expedition Plus AGM 570 01




AGM 570 01


70 Ah


12 V

Size HxWxD

275 mm × 175 mm × 190 mm


€ 211.75 including VAT(21%) (€ 175.00 excluding VAT)

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AGM Plus Expedition – most modern batteries designed for a wide range of purposes, as a starting power for cars as well as for long-term discharge applications. Batteries are produced in an up-to-date technology AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) and instead of having liquid acid, like other batteries available on the market, consist of the electrolyte, which is kept inside the special glass mat. The AGM batteries are therefore 100% leakage proof.

personal cars, delivery vans cars, sailcloth boats and motor, camping implantations, cripplehood trolleys, lighting systems and navigational

•    newest AGM technology
•    high cyclic performance and durability
•    anti-fire protection
•    special plate sets
•    high resistance to sulfidation

•    absolutely leakage and spill proof
•    highest safety of use
•    100% maintenance free
•    longer life of a battery
•    resistance to high and low temperatures